Leading a proactive approach against bribery and corruption in Egypt

Intertek encourages public institutions and private companies to build a culture of integrity, accountability and transparency through an ISO 37001 Lead Auditor training.

август 29, 2017

Intertek Academy has recently held a successful 5-days ISO 37001 LAC Lead Auditor training in Cairo, Egypt, aimed at helping governmental and business representatives to obtain comprehensive competences on the anti-bribery and anti-corruption trends and to implement a proactive risk management approach within their organizations. 

The seminar was held by Nicolay Yordanov, Global Technical Manager Risk Management Schemes, in collaboration with the Country Manager and Business Assurance team in Intertek Egypt. 

Nicolay trained attendees on bribery concepts such as direct and indirect payments, conflicts of interest, risks associated with third parties including public officials, subcontractors and family relatives and potential bribery scenarios related to procurement and contracting, commercial activities, travels, gifts and hospitalities. He also showed delegates how to prevent, detect, mitigate and respond against bribery and embed a culture of transparency, accountability and integrity through a robust leadership and personnel contribution. 

The seminar joined together over 40 governmental authorities and high-level business representatives including Senior Advisor of the Egypt Minister of Electricity and Energy, Executive Director of National Accreditation Council, Chairman of Ministry of Industry National Quality Institute and Executive Director of Faculty and Leadership Development Center of University of Cairo. 

Nicolay has commented that “attendees were extremely happy with Intertek added value advanced training and with the pro-active anti-bribery business assurance solutions provided. The course was an excellent opportunity to show Intertek proactive-anti-bribery solutions and assure effective resources and business development. Attendees expressed their commitment and readiness to promote the ISO 37001 standard within the governmental institutions and business entities by using Intertek Business Assurance certification and training services”. 

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